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SPAK seized the husband's land, Xhaçka takes on the role of lawyer: I did not exercise influence to benefit

SPAK seized the husband's land, Xhaçka takes on the role of lawyer:

While the Assembly will vote today on whether or not its mandate will be sent to the Constitutional Court, MP Olta Xhaçka spoke from the floor of the Assembly.

Xhaçka made a statement in front of the Assembly to defend herself from the accusations, when SPAK seized the land where her husband was going to build the resort in Dhërmi.

Xhaçka addressed Bardhi, calling him a slanderer, as he denied having exercised influence to benefit.

"The bodies of justice for this matter, go address them, let's get back to the issue, it's been a long time, please hold back the Gas. It has been a long time... defamation, you are a common liar, not with prosecution documents, it has been a long time that my name is associated with illegality and abuse of the mandate of the deputy, trials of prosecutors and judges take place on screens and portals. I have not exerted any influence in order to benefit" , declared Xhaçka.

10,592 m2 of land has been seized in two phases by SPAK, land that was to be used by Artan Gaçi for the construction of a resort in Dhërmi

Its alienation was done with the help of Jorgo Goros, who by forging documents and papers, in violation of the law, transferred the state property to a private entity, in this case Artan Gaçi. It was precisely the alienation that led to the imprisonment of Jorgo Goro.

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