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Artan Hoxha gives details of SPAK's action: Criminal groups have been alerted

Artan Hoxha gives details of SPAK's action: Criminal groups have been

Journalist Artan Hoxha has commented on the SPAK mega-operation, which hit some of the criminal groups in the country.

Invited to Neës 24, Hoxha said that with the action of SPAK, some of the criminal groups in the country have been alerted.

 "The operation was large, spread over several countries in Albania, but the police of European countries were also involved. The operation has been a challenge for our institutions. 4.5 million euros were seized. There will be new developments for this operation.

There are 4 proceedings, which have been joined. There are four large files and they are collected in a single proceeding. On May 10, SPAK submitted requests for 49 arrest warrants. Criminal groups have been put on alert because they were realizing that a major operation was taking place. This may be the reason for the escapes. Arben Ndoka has sent his family to Italy, he has also been to Dubai. We have Shijak's group, where the Avdyles are. In Durrës, we have Plarent Dervish, Lulzim Berisha, the case of Indri Dokles and one of his groups is also mentioned there. We have Shkozeti, we have Lezha, Shkodra, Nikla, Kurbin, Fushë Kruja.

For Shkozeti, this group is among the most dangerous groups in the country. The money was also found there and there were apartments that also had cameras. We also have Sukthi, where the Poja group or the Troplini group was also identified. RENEA has surrounded the area 24 hours, it is thought that there may be resistance. The Shkozeti group was a group whose name was not mentioned, but perhaps also due to the fact that no evidence was found.

The clash between the Tirana and Shkozeti groups was tragic. The Shkozeti group has been strong and this means that this group was strong. The Shkozeti group became known due to the murder of Edison Harizaj and the execution of Edmond Çekiç, and then the clash with Ervis Martinaj began. They are groups that also had political connections", said Hoxha.

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