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Economy expert: Rama is planning tax increases

Economy expert: Rama is planning tax increases

The economic expert, Pano Soko, has commented on Prime Minister Rama's warning about reopening the discussion on the increase in the price of electricity.

Invited to MCN Tv, Soko said that there is no reason to have an increase in the price of energy since it has been a healthy year.

Soko said that Rama promised a salary increase and if he doesn't do it, he will risk a lot. The expert added that the prime minister is planning a tax increase.

"I don't understand who the reasons are, we had a healthy year from the point of view of energy. They were 4.5 times more than the kilowatts we imported. The income is considerable. I didn't understand who's sense of opening a discussion that doesn't need to be. Private investments over the years are progressing. With the investments that are being made in all areas, especially with solar energy, there seems to be potential, I believe that we will meet the energy needs. The crisis was overcome in the view of the region and the continent. The price of energy not only does not produce costs for the budget, but income. Maybe it's the fact that he needs checkers for his wages" , said Soko.

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