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He had "armored" the house with a gun, the elderly man was arrested in Durrës

He had "armored" the house with a gun, the elderly man was arrested in

The Durrës police arrested 70-year-old Sokol Buli, after finding an arsenal of weapons and ammunition in his apartment.

During the search in his apartment, Kallshnikovs, firearms, game and ammunition were found. The arrested person is expected to face the criminal offense of "carrying weapons without a permit". 


Durrës/Intensive checks, supported by police intelligence, to crack down on the criminal activity of illegal weapons possession.

An arsenal of weapons is seized, consisting of firearms, firearm parts, shotguns, cold weapons and a significant amount of combat ammunition.

The citizen who had hidden the weapons and ammunition in the apartment is arrested in the act.

As a result of controls and patrols in the field, carried out with the aim of detecting and cracking down on the illegal possession of weapons, the services of the Manzë Police Station, within the police operation coded "Types", have provided information that a citizen possessed his apartment, in the village of Likmetaj, several weapons of different types.

Based on this information, these services, in cooperation with the operational services of the Durrës Local Police Directorate, immediately intervened in this apartment and as a result of checks in its premises, they found and seized as material evidence, 1 weapon Kalashnikov fire, parts of firearms, 2 shotguns, 462 rounds of these weapons and 1 cold weapon (knife).

Following the procedural actions for this case, the owner of the apartment, who had hidden the arsenal of weapons and ammunition, citizen SB, 70 years old, was caught red-handed and put in handcuffs.

Kalashnikov was sent to the Institute of Scientific Police, to verify whether or not it was used for criminal events.

The procedural materials were passed to the Prosecution at the Court of First Instance, of the General Jurisdiction of Durrës, for further actions.

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