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Olta Xhaçka attacks the media for the issue of her mandate

Olta Xhaçka attacks the media for the issue of her mandate

In a speech before the voting process to implement a decision of this court that forces the Assembly to send its mandate to this court for interpretation, Xhaçka called journalists "inquisitors", "criminals" and "snipers", while opposition colleagues as " cloth".

"I can feel nothing but shame and disgust that in the mouth of a lady the language of popular judges and prosecutors, but also of media snipers who impose very large fines..." - began Xhaçka.

She retorted with DP MP, Eralda Tase, who accused her of using politics to enrich herself in a suspicious way, referring to Xhačka's wealth declarations.

Further, the socialist deputy called the debate about her mandate an absurdity that had started, according to her, "on the screens of tailor-made accusations and on the portals of greedily imposed fines".

Xhaçka also claimed that the Constitutional Court had reviewed her mandate. "...Scrutinized the real evidence, not those of the political screen trials...," she said, actually referring to the court hearings that examined the clash of powers between 1/10 of the deputies and the Assembly.

After more than 1 year of protection that the majority has undertaken against Xhaçka at the expense of the decision of the Constitutional Court, she suggested to the deputies to show sovereignty.

"Today the Assembly has no reason to vote for me at all, because the GJK has had and dismissed my case," she speculated.

Xhaçka held the position of Foreign Minister at the time when the Committee of Strategic Decisions headed by Prime Minister Edi Rama approved the status of "strategic investor" for her husband, Artan Gaçi, who is building a hotel in Dhërmi. Then, through a government decision, the hotel was granted the right of long-term use of the seashore.

Xhaçka insists that he is not in a conflict of interest and that he had not benefited from a centimeter of state land or any other type of public benefit. According to her, the only benefit from this status was related to the company that in the future will manage the activity for the beach area in front of the hotel.

The company, which appears in the documents as the manager of the activity, is a company that was claimed as an American company, but turns out to be owned by Xhaçka's sister-in-law, her brother's partner. The head of the DP parliamentary group, Gazment Bardhi, was not spared towards the former foreign minister, Olta Xhaçka, while emphasizing that the latter has an unconstitutional mandate.

The opposition accused Xhaçka that with the political defense he was showing that he was afraid to face the verdict of the Constitutional Court, as he was aware that he will lose the mandate of the deputy.

"Let justice decide, why are you hiding so much?" asked the head of the DP parliamentary group Gazment Bardhi, adding "the day this Assembly tears up the decisions of the Constitutional Court for your sake and that of your husband, this is no longer an Assembly , but Edi Rama's town...".

In January 2023, the Constitutional Court, responding to a lawsuit by DP deputies, rejected as unconstitutional the decision of the Assembly not to send the case to this court and asked the Assembly to decide otherwise.

The constitution provides that no member of parliament can benefit from public goods and that he loses his mandate the moment the Constitutional Court comes to this conclusion./reporter

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