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Why Iran-USA is considered the most 'fiery' duel of Qatar 2022?

Why Iran-USA is considered the most 'fiery' duel of Qatar 2022?

Iran-USA is tonight's super challenge, from the next 4 matches to be played today in Qatar.

The challenge, which starts at 20:00, in addition to the competition to grab the qualification points, also carries a long history of tensions not only on the field, but also in the diplomatic relations between the countries.

Two countries that have been at odds with each other since the 1979 revolution ousted pro-Western Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi from power.

The match will take place at a time when diplomatic efforts to revive the Iran nuclear deal are faltering, the West is imposing sanctions over Iran's military support for Russia in the war in Ukraine and much of the world is reeling from the oppression of women. and protesting girls from the Tehran regime.

Some say that reporting and politics shouldn't mix, but it's hard to imagine how that would be done for this match. There are precedents for this match as well: in the 1998 World Cup, the match between them took place, which is known as the "mother of all matches".

Then, everything was carefully coordinated: the Iranian players were reportedly forbidden by the Ayatollah himself to approach the Americans to shake their hands, so the Americans walked towards them while the Iranians gave them white roses. All 22 players then posed for a photo as usual. The match had passed without incident and Iran had closed it with a 2:1 victory – Iran's first ever victory at the World Cup.

A month later, they played a friendly in the US, when many said the footballers had achieved more in 90 minutes than diplomats had in decades.

This time, there will be tensions again, but the focus will be on the Iran team's response to all the turmoil. Some, including human rights activists, have called for Iran to be kicked out of the tournament because of the events in Tehran, and the Football Federation of Ukraine has made the same request because of official Tehran's support for the Kremlin.

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