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Was there a plan to kill ex-president Rugova in Tirana?

Was there a plan to kill ex-president Rugova in Tirana?

PDK MP Xhavit Haliti has spoken about speculations that he had a plan to kill former president Ibrahim Rugova in Tirana.

In a post on Facebook, he wrote that he is publishing facts for those who are speculating that there was a trap to kill Ibrahim Rugova.

And for this, Haliti adds, the international representatives were worried.

"With our proposal, that is, the Kosovo delegation, it was decided that the military plane would land in Tirana and Skopje. Those who wanted to stop in Tirana would land at the Rinas Airport in Tirana, while those who wanted to stay in Skopje or travel to Kosovo would land at the Skopje Airport" , he explained.

After that, says Haliti, the members of the KLA delegation decided to stop in Tirana and after two or three days, some entered Kosovo by land.

For this, Haliti says that he also talked with Rexhep Mejdani.

"Before the plane took off, I contacted President Rexhep Mejdani by phone. I told him that we were going to land in Tirana and I suggested that as president it would be good to receive the Kosovo delegation at Rinas Airport. During the conversation, he hesitated due to protocol, but when we got off, President Mejdani was waiting for us" , he emphasized.

According to him, then the entire delegation got off the plane, with the exception of Rugova.

"After we settled in the VIP hall of Rinas Airport, the French ambassador with some of Mejdan's staff went and brought Rugova to the hall where we were. The waiter then brought the drinks."

"Rugova seems to be in a good mood. Maybe, also for the reason that after breaking up with Sali Berisha, he had not stayed in Tirana for four years".

"The meeting was very open and fraternal", says Haliti.

Meanwhile, he points out that Rugova had promised that very soon he would officially visit Tirana.

"After the talks between Mejdan and Rugova, as well as other members of the Kosovo delegation and after we rested a bit, Rugova and part of the delegation left for Skopje".

But he says that he no longer knows how they traveled from Skopje to Kosovo.

"I don't know how they entered Kosovo from Skopje, but Rugova at the Rinas Airport had no worries," declared Haliti.

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