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Protests in the north, a Kosovo police official is injured

Protests in the north, a Kosovo police official is injured

A Kosovo police officer was injured during the tensions in the North.

The Police of Kosovo has announced that he received injuries from the attacks of protesters in the north of the country.

According to the Police announcement, stones were thrown in the direction of three Police vehicles in the afternoon.

" Initially, the protest was peaceful, but in the afternoon, at different time intervals, some suspected persons threw stones at three vehicles of the Kosovo Police, where two of them were damaged by breaking the windows. As a result of the attacks from the strong vehicles, a police officer suffered injuries", the Kosovo Police announced.

As the Police announced, several journalists were also hindered while doing their work in the north.

"Also, during today's protest, some media/journalists were obstructed and attacked, as well as their vehicles were vandalized by individuals/criminal groups. Obstructing journalists on duty violates the right to expression, information and freedom of the press ," wrote the Police.

The police have said that they are committed to investigating these criminal acts and preventing the occurrence of violence.

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