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Tensions in the North, Vatra association appeals to the government of Kosovo: Implement Washington's demands

Tensions in the North, Vatra association appeals to the government of Kosovo:

In an interview for the Voice of America, the chairman of the Vatra Association, Elmi Berisha, says that he is following the latest developments in the north of Kosovo with concern. However, he is convinced that this is a temporary situation and that the relations of the United States with Kosovo will not be damaged. He calls for the Kosovo government to fully implement Washington's calls, while saying that Western officials should be tougher with official Belgrade.

The chairman of the Albanian-American Association "Vatra", Elmi Berisha, supports Kosovo's efforts to protect its sovereignty and territorial integrity, but adds that any move by the government in Pristina must be in full coordination with the United States of America .

" The government of Kosovo, the prime minister, the president, the parliament and the institutions in general, must be clear that the opinions and positions coming from official Washington must be respected in their entirety. I remind both Albanian-Americans and Albanian citizens everywhere who live in their countries of origin that we have no better friend in the world than the American people and the American government. Therefore, we should not cast doubts on the future of Kosovo", he says.

In an interview for the Voice of America, the activist Berisha says that Kosovo should start immediately with the implementation of Washington's demands, including the one for the establishment of the association of municipalities with a Serbian majority.

"The association must happen, but never that the rights of the Serbs come to the level of self-government, or governance, or the right to condition or destabilize the new state of Kosovo," says the activity.

Mr. Berisha adds that the government of Kosovo must have confidence that the United States will not seek concessions that are detrimental to Kosovo's citizenship.

" He will never make a mistake with Kosovo because it was created by America, it is the child of the United States. It is not only Kosovo, but also Albania. 110 years ago America formed Albania, 110 years later it also formed Kosovo. Therefore, this is not a dilemma that Albanians should have".

On the other hand, the president of the pan-Albanian association "Vatra" says that the American and European envoys in the Western Balkans, instead of putting pressure on Pristina, should be tougher on official Belgrade.

"The internationals have not been fair and equal during the dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia. We are not very happy with the emissaries who are hanging out in Belgrade, Pristina, Brussels and the State Department. We think that the aggressor, the world knows, is official Serbia and Belgrade, especially Vucic and Dacic."

Sipas zotit Berisha, Presidenti serb Vuçiç dhe ministri i Jashtëm serb Daçiç, qëndrojnë pas akteve të fundit të dhunës në veri të Kosovës.

“Të gjitha protestat dhe zhvillimet në këto muajt dhe javët e fundit nuk janë të orkestruara nga qytetarët serbë, por janë organizatat kriminale që vijnë të përgatitura dhe të orkestruara shumë mirë nga Presidenti i Serbisë, zoti Vuçiç dhe ministri i Punëve të Jashtme, zoti Daçiç. Është për të të ardhur keq se bashkësia ndërkombëtare ende nuk e ka një qëndrim të fuqishëm drejt Beogradit zyrtar dhe nuk e ka vendosur në pozicionin ku duhet të jetë Serbia”.

Situata e fundit, në veçanti gjuha e ashpërsuar e Uashingtonit ndaj Prishtinps nxiti riaktivizimin e lobit shqiptaro-amerikan, thotë zoti Berisha.

"Specifically, we are talking with the Congress, the representatives in the Congress and the Senate, and we are committed to their role being greater in the processes. "The influence of Congress and the Senate should be much greater in the State Department, because there is a deadlock," he says.

According to Mr. Berisha, the process of normalizing relations between Kosovo and Serbia would be more successful, if it were completely led by the White House./VOA

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