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Assembly with the slogan 'without work and dignity'

Assembly with the slogan 'without work and dignity'

Alfred Lela

In the 2015 local elections, the Democratic Party chose as its slogan "Work and dignity". The loss that year, the first of Lulzim Basha as mayor, was more justified, given that it came two years after Rama's installation in power; still too early to wait for the change of minds of the public and consequently of the seats in local government.

What stood out, over time, in managing the affairs of the DP, was the lack of work or desire for it.

For both individuals and organizations, there is no faster way of losing, orienting, and placing oneself in society than losing the job faculty, abandoning its compass. It was this absence that led to the PD losses under Basha in the successive elections, until the last ones in April 2021. In eight years at the helm of the PD, and just as much in the opposition, Lulzim Basha won only one cause, because did not give up work and the desire to see it do the work: decriminalization. Everything else was a fiasco: as big, smelly, and wet as the former pit of Aydin Sejdia.

Leadership Basha replaced the virtue of work with the passion of the cell. Although it belongs to a right-wing party, which in its columns should have had the expression of one of the ideologies of economic liberalism, Milton Friedman, "there is no such thing as a free lunch" (there is no such thing as a free lunch ', Mr. Basha always invented attempts to seize power, not through work but through incidents, that is, through the instruments of the cell. He built seemingly destructive schemes for the opponent who, in the final, toppled his party.

Even if we accept the justification that he makes today for his moves in vain, with the fact that they were Berisha's decisions, he still appears perverted in the image, an unemployed man in charge of affairs .

But, this work story is already history.

After leaving on the street the first part of the slogan of 2015, six people later, exactly today, on December 18, 2021, he publicly lost the second: Dignity.

In a desperate attempt to keep the party, which has been made the fifth point, in the perverse boil to build power over powerlessness, he opposed the other leg that still kept his organization leaning against the wall of history.

Thirty-one years of party history, certainly with the whites and blacks of Sali Berisha and his leadership, he called enverism . Although the term was formulated by Agron Gjekmarkaj, he inspired it. Like today, like during all these last days.

Surprisingly, today's PD Assembly was a déjà vu of the 10th Congress of the ALP, where Dritëro Agolli delivered the famous speech of separation from Enverism. At that time the writer was loudly opposed. Today no one in the hall produced any fuss about the verdict of the official line of the party leadership. Agron Gjekmarkaj became Dritëroi PD, Sali Berisha- Enver, but what is left for Lulzim Basha?

The hall meanwhile reflected back the same loss of leadership dignity. We all saw it. Not everyone will say. Or understand. If in '91 there were communists in the ALP who defended Enver, in Basha's PD there were no Democrats to express a disagreement with the announcement of Enver as the one who led their party in three terms of power, and in two other opposition.

Sharing with the past is, of course, a historical process, but it is done with dignity. When he is absent, beneath this absence are hidden layers that have nothing to do with history, but with the appetites, ambushes, political cells of the day.

Without work and dignity. On the foundations blown up, on a past that was erased today with a rubber fall of the 'youth', I do not know which path will lead to the success of the Democratic Party in politics and society.

A party that puts its historical leader on the wall of Enverism execution is a force that loses history in the name of a future that cannot speak if it does not see the past.

Of course, this is not the end of the story. DP can be dissolved, bankrupt, re-established, etc., etc., but how?

"We on the right do not kill the political father, we do not have a tradition", Lulzim Basha insisted a few months ago.

Today, with his Americans in the party (some Islamists, some corrupt and corrupt), and with Dritëro , he declared himself an Enverist .  

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