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Things to do before the year is over

Things to do before the year is over

Time goes by very quickly and in a few days the New Year is knocking. Before everyone resumes life normally in January, usually at the end of the year everyone takes stock of the time left behind and the wishes already fulfilled. Listed below are some of the things you should have accomplished during 2023. If you haven't yet, remember what you left undone.

Finish the 3 tasks you set yourself at the beginning of the year

Do you remember some of the promises you made to yourself during the year, but which you never kept? Remember the promises at home or at work that you have not kept. You must complete at least three of them by the end of the year. You still have a few days left.

Each year the credit card has a fixed fee, which must be paid before the year ends. If you haven't done so yet, remember that the expenses will increase even more until the end of the year.

Visit the dentist or doctor, ophthalmologist

Do a teeth cleaning, an eye exam or even a checkup before the year ends.

At the end of the year, paying taxes is a stress in itself, but an obligation that must be met, so try to get this part organized before the calendar says 2024.

Before the year ends, do something to please others, but also yourself. Contributing to a school, nursery or something else that may be needed will be a good omen to start 2024 well. Giving doesn't necessarily mean giving money you have, but whatever you can. Many people need both food and clothing.

You can have a lot of clothes at home. which you have packed away and put aside, because they don't suit you or you don't like them. Well, now it's time to get back to them. Just as fashion changes and brings back the same patterns, so you can give yourself the opportunity to find other things. See the possibility of their return and recombination. On this occasion, he also cleans and organizes the wardrobe once again.

It is one of the tasks that housewives attach great importance to at the end of the year. Of course, a messy and dirty house would not be worthy of a good start. Finally, you have to take care of 2024. Sweep the floor, dust, wash the clothes and scrub the stove. Cleanliness at home also gives you a good mood for a good start.

Christmas and New Year's greetings do not carry the same weight as texts or emails. Although it seems an old method, greeting cards are much sweeter when they come written by hand. Give your loved ones special gifts.

Create space on any online account

Delete old emails, documents or photos that you don't need or that have been around for a long time and that you don't intend to get back to. Clean the computer, phone or any other unnecessary electronic device from the space.

Maybe it's time to look for a new job, a raise or even a promotion. Think a little longer about the job and ask employers everything you can think of. Often, companies at the beginning of the year, think of bringing a new spirit, prepare for this, while you are moving very slowly. But even if you are not thinking about a new job or you may have just started, it is good to make a résumé for it.

Set goals for the new year

Usually, everyone has a mania for postponing goals. Even at the end of this year, don't leave your goals for January. Start thinking about what you haven't accomplished this year and set yourself a task for next year. Do it now! January will bring new.

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