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A "sad" emoji is the most used on Twitter worldwide

A "sad" emoji is the most used on Twitter worldwide

The crying emoji is officially the most used emoji on the Twitter social network worldwide, now it may be back in fashion. According to an Emojipedia analysis of over 2.16 billion tweets, the tear of joy emoji is back in its place as Twitter's number one emoji by the narrowest of margins, just barely edging out the crying face ???? .

A "sad" emoji is the most used on Twitter worldwide

That doesn't necessarily mean the tears of joy emoji is cool again. The change is largely due to a face crying out loud that experienced a huge drop in popularity in January, from 1.93 billion uses in December to 1.78 billion uses in the month. That's a total drop of about 150 million uses. The face with tears of joy emoji only grew 20 million uses from December to January.

Emoji has gone through various phases on the internet over the past few years, being labeled as a means of communication. It was released with the first set of emojis in 2011 and was the most popular emoji from 2019 to 2021.

According to an analysis by Emojipedia, the top 10 emoji used on Twitter in 2021 were:

???? Face for crying out loud
???? Face with Tears of Joy
???? Praying face
???? Laughing Big
❤️ Red Heart
✨ Glowing
???? Thank you or please
???? Smiling face with heart eyes
???? Smiley face with hearts
???? Smiling face

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