Kosovo Authorities Once Again Prevent Import of Serbian Goods

Based on the decision of the Kosovo Government, reached on Saturday late in the evening, the vehicles transporting any kind of commodity from Serbia were not allowed to enter without a special permit if the accompanying documents were not labeled “Republic of Kosovo”, news agencies reported.

From Merdare border crossing a truck with commodities from Serbia was returned on Sunday morning, as well as two trucks with Kraljevo license plates from Jarinje border crossing, Radio and Television of Serbia (RTS) reported, which meant that implementation of new measures had started.

Kosovo Government, previously, discussed changes and annexes on Decision on Reciprocity during the electronic session and supported series of measures that would include a ban of import of products from Serbia if the accompanying documents were not labeled with “Republic of Kosovo”.

Kosovo Government reached a decision to ban documents “without labels Republic of Kosovo and which are not in accordance with Constitution of Kosovo” in trade relations with Serbia.

The government warned that such documents would not be accepted and the import of the goods they referred to would not be possible.

Kosovo Government reached a decision on May 31 on the gradual implementation of reciprocity as a principle in relations with Serbia.