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PD holds the National Assembly today, Berisha's vote of confidence is expected

PD holds the National Assembly today, Berisha's vote of confidence is

The Democratic Party will convene the National Assembly today.

This important event today for the democrats will be held in the hall of the Palace of Congresses at 11.00.

What is expected to happen?

At this meeting, it is expected that the vote of confidence of the chairman of the party, Sali Berisha, will take place. Also, the agenda includes several other items related to internal developments in the party or the state of the country. The adoption of a resolution on how the opposition action will continue is also expected.

Also, the approval of a resolution is expected as to how the opposition action will continue.

 Although Berisha will organize this Assembly today, the 15 deputies who support Gazment Bardhin will not participate.

"The DP parliamentary group is united. So, the group is today a symbol of PD's resistance. The problems, which I do not ignore, are being solved. That's for sure. The desire is for the deputies to be in the National Assembly, but the cooperation will continue as if they were in the hall", said Berisha a day ago in a conversation with journalists.

In this situation, the democrats, who have been in the opposition for a decade, are waiting to hear in the assembly from Sali Berisha the path that will lead them to victory in the parliamentary elections, which will be held in 2025.



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