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Tensions in the north, Meta: Vučić is on the side of the miners of the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue

Tensions in the north, Meta: Vučić is on the side of the miners of the

The head of the Freedom Party, Ilir Meta, commented on the statements of Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, who repeated that he will never recognize Kosovo, neither formally nor informally.

In a statement to the media, Meta emphasized that this statement, made after this violent attack, is clear evidence of the complete lack of will for an honest dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia, a dialogue which would provide a solution to many pending problems.

" Kosovo has experienced great tension these days, due to orchestrated and violent attacks against the police and its public security.

It is already very clear that this criminal activity has the sole purpose of destabilizing the situation and creating a situation of permanent tension.

We are all shocked by the images of the aggressors' enormous military arsenal, already seized by the Kosovo police forces, which are irrefutable evidence of an organized and well-thought-out criminal activity, for clear political purposes.

These violent acts were actually attacks on the legitimate authorities of Kosovo and to weaken the rule of law in Kosovo.

Despite the very complicated situation, it is the place to salute the professional and determined attitude of the government and law enforcement agencies in Kosovo, which managed to neutralize these violent criminal attacks and restore public order," said Meta .

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