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'Steal day and night', Berisha: Rama has turned the government into a genuine criminal organization

'Steal day and night', Berisha: Rama has turned the government into a

The chairman of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, today presented the candidate of the "Together We Win" coalition for Mat Municipality, Skënder Gjuci.

In his speech, Berisha accused Prime Minister Edi Rama of turning his government into a real criminal organization.

According to Berisha, the government steals from Albanians day and night, but it also strengthens the links with crime, mafia and drugs every day.

Berisha : These elections are really local for the local governors, but these elections have an extraordinary importance, they have the same importance as the elections of the 1990s, because we, just like in the 90s, face a second ruthless monism, with a monism which is destroying, ruining this country, desolating this nation.

In history, you know, the greatest dramas of nations, the wildest invasions of nations have been monisms, and what we saw as Albanians in the monist dictatorship, was the most ruthless monism of Europe. That monism was based on Marxist-Lelinist doctrine, but today Edi Rama has 10% more power than the last communist dictator in 1991.

Today Edi Rama controls every power in this country, today Edi Rama governs without respecting any law, any norm, any standard, any decision. Today, Edi Rama has turned his government into a genuine criminal organization, which on the one hand steals every hour, every day, every night, every week, every month, public funds, the public assets of Albanians and on the other hand steals every hours, every day and more the connections with crime, mafia and drugs.

All these together have alienated Albania for Albanians. All these together have made the Albanians no longer feel like they are in their country, but leave and only leave.  

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