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New cyber attack on public and private institutions

New cyber attack on public and private institutions

The National Authority for Electronic Certification and Cyber ​​Security, AKCESK, announced on the official Facebook page on Friday that several institutions in the public and private sector have faced a DDoS attack, affecting the online service of these institutions.

AKCESK did not reveal who these institutions were, but emphasized that it coordinated the work to restore services in a "very short" time.

Public and private institutions in Albania have been the target of cyber attacks for months now, with the cost of exposing state and personal data of citizens.

"AKCESK, in the role of the authority responsible for cyber security, in cooperation with Internet service providers and these institutions, coordinated the work for the recovery of services in a very short time," AKCESK declared.

"Also, AKCESK made available to all critical and important information infrastructures to immediately implement increased security measures from them," the statement added.

The source of the latest cyber attack is unclear, but in July 2022, the infrastructure of online government services was attacked by hackers, which according to a Microsoft report are suspected to be linked to Iran./ Reporter.al

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