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"Once again, I'm telling you: Oh, the best of Albania!"

"Once again, I'm telling you: Oh, the best of Albania!"

The well-known actor from Kosovo, Çun Lajçi, addressed Prime Minister Edi Rama in harsh tones regarding his latest positions on the developments in Kosovo.

He has called Rama the "tevaqeli of Albania", as he says that he deserves worse words to say "but I frowned because it came from myself!"


Once again, I'm telling you: Oh, the best of Albania!

Did you read what Jamie Shea said?

- "Taking control of security by KFOR would send a message to Belgrade that the north is not part of Kosovo, but an international area administered in a neutral way, and this would increase the pressure from Serbia to take that part . The Kosovo Police must work together with KFOR to gradually calm the situation..."

I can't believe you haven't read it either, Vucka!

Do you see why you said too much, O Prime Minister with a white beard?

You deserved worse words; – but I frowned because it came out of my own accord!

You're not the one who doesn't know, but you're the one who wants to be good only to you and I'm talking about you; - What a great diplomat Albania has?!

I'm afraid you haven't thought of replacing Lajcak and severing the veins of Ibri and drying up Mitrovica!

I'm not saying you're not a diplomat, you are and what's up with him, but you've been misguided and your eyes can't see without what Jamie Shea's world is seeing?

I also saw this at the end of the day, that's why I wrote to you; - the return of KFOR there is the return of 1244 and the Serbian army!

This is how this Commander of ours, who does not have your intelligence at all, but his excessive bravery seems to be not letting go and is pointing his hand only towards Albini, you say that he is the organizer of those 100 Serbian terrorists and yes say; - you are the cheater who should break his neck.

- Surprise, the commander didn't see them when 100 terrorists entered Banjska, when he was constantly watching the mountains of Kosovo!?

Pay attention and let him know that this Albanian is talking about the desert. The whole world is telling that Serbia wants to annex the North and you want to make it easier with the return of KFOR!


- President!

Someone said (I haven't heard), that you also asked for Kfor on a TV!

Ishalla are the words of villains, otherwise it turns out that you spoke wrong!

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