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Names/Candidates for ambassadors in 12 countries

Names/Candidates for ambassadors in 12 countries

The government has sent the names of Albanian ambassadors to 12 countries to the Assembly.

The media have published these proposals, which have been sent to the Assembly for consideration.

The hearings for these candidacies will begin on Friday in parliamentary committees and, after this process is completed, the names will be passed to the President.

Government proposals

Courtesy Order in the United Arab Emirates

Zhaklina Peto in Montenegro

Aida Sakiqi in Germany

Ervin Bushati in the United States of America

Ilir Gjoni in NATO

Vasilika joined the UN

Meri Kumbe in Israel

Fate Velaj in Austria

Blerta Kadzadej in Turkey

Majlinda Francis in the Vatican

Mustafa Nano in Switzerland

Uran Ferizi in England

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