The Assembly postpones the salary increase for the judges of the Constitutional Court, the SP accepts the proposal of the Democrats

The Assembly postpones the salary increase for the judges of the Constitutional

The consideration of additions and changes to the law "On the organization and functioning of the Constitutional Court" is postponed to the Assembly.

In today's parliamentary session, the opposition MPs requested the postponement of the examination of this law. Initially, DP MP Jorida Tabaku explained that it is not simply required to postpone the law by one week, but that the law be within the principles of the system while maintaining the hierarchy.

On the other hand, Gazmend Bardhi argued that "the Constitutional Court has not submitted to the Assembly any proposal for salary increase".

"We are not against any law that increases efficiency, on the contrary, we are in a working group where we have been working for several months on a package of changes in the reform laws in justice, in cooperation with partners. We have agreed that we will not accept any changes that are required for additional privileges or benefits of judges or prosecutors, but we will focus on efficiency ," he said.

According to him, " this is not an attack on the Constitutional Court, but a clear attempt where the government will do the Constitutional Court a favor to have it completely under control ".

For his part, the vice president of the SP parliamentary group, Toni Gogu, said that the SP agrees to postpone this draft law for another session, while he informed that the Constitutional Court brought the project to the Assembly on June 21.








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