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Countries that have an "obligation" to leave tips in restaurants and bars

Countries that have an "obligation" to leave tips in restaurants and

Tipping culture varies from country to country. Some countries have it as a kind of obligation that you have to leave a tip and others do not have it defined.

-Kosovo: In Kosovo, tipping is not expected, but appreciated.

-Macedonia: Assuming the service is good, a 10% tip is welcome in any restaurant. It is also common to tip taxi drivers, or at least round up the bill.

-Montenegro: In Montenegro, tips are given to waiters, taxi drivers and hotel staff.

-In North America, tipping is a major component of dining and we tend to tip 15% to 20% based on the service received.

-Switzerland: Service will be included in most of your bills, so don't worry about tips.

-In countries such as France, Spain, Germany, UK, Czech Republic, Ireland, Portugal or Hungary, if there is no service charge applied to your bill, you may leave between 5-10% in local currency, unless the service or your food (or both) were terrible.

-As for Chile, Brazil and Costa Rica, you may see a 10% dining surcharge, so tips are not expected.

-Meanwhile, there are also countries in which the waiter or taxi driver calls tipping an understatement: China and Japan. Tipping is not usually given in these countries, however waiters, taxi drivers and hotel workers in these countries manage to understand Western tourists when they offer you more than the bill.

-As for India, tipping is not a traditional part of the culture, yet tourists have pampered the wait staff to the point where they are used to it. You'll likely see a service charge on your bill, but if not, you can leave 5–10% at more popular restaurants.

-United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. It is welcome, but not mandatory, to leave 10-15% at the end of your meal. For Dubai, a 10% service charge is often added to the bill in restaurants, although many still leave an additional tip.

-When visiting South Africa, Egypt or Morocco, you will find that restaurants usually add a 10% service charge to your bill.

-Even for neighboring Australia and New Zealand, tipping in restaurants is not expected, as those in hospitality are paid a good salary. Adding 10–15% to a tip is a nice gesture.

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