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"Noise" for vaccination of emergency drivers, reacts QKUM: They are equally endangered as doctors and nurses

"Noise" for vaccination of emergency drivers, reacts QKUM: They are

The National Center for Medical Emergency has announced that today the vaccination of drivers working in this institution has started.

In an announcement on social networks, QKUM declares that today 12 doctors, 13 nurses and 10 drivers have been vaccinated, in a total of 35 people. QKUM has published the list with the names of the vaccinated during today. 

Regarding the reactions against the vaccination of Emergency Drivers, QKUM states that they are providers and have been engaged in the same way as doctors and nurses.

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The work of the medical staff and support staff of QKUM has been focusing on service to patients with Covid-19 for a year. I want to bring to the attention of the citizens, that the word "driver" greatly reduces the extraordinary work that these people have done in a year of pandemic. They are caregivers who have been just as engaged as the National Emergency physicians and nurses. All drivers of the National Emergency, in this pandemic period are in service with ambulances due to the emergency of the situation.

1. COVID patients are treated and assisted 24/24 every day, who are taken to the apartment and sent to the hospital.

2. Every day all patients leaving Covid hospitals are transported and assisted and sent to the apartment.

3. Covid-19 critical patients are transported and assisted daily from hospitals to the airport, when every citizen has decided to be treated abroad.

4. Every day critical patients are treated and transported from the apartment to the airport when the citizens have decided to be treated abroad.

5. Every day transport and assist patients coming to the airport from the countries where they have been treated and take them to hospitals or to the apartment.

6. Transfers between Covid hospitals 1,2,3,4 are made daily by this medical and support staff.

Today it was the turn of the QKUM institution to make the vaccine.

From the staff consisting of 26 doctors, 36 nurses and 18 drivers. Total 80.

Of these, 12 doctors, 13 nurses and 10 drivers have been vaccinated today. In total 35 people.

The rest of the staff is either sick with passing the disease in various forms, or has passed it recently and cannot get the vaccine.

I assure the citizens that every one of those vaccinated by the National Emergency today, should be vaccinated. Protecting their lives means protecting the lives of hundreds of thousands of patients.

It is the duty of the state, it is the obligation of the institution I lead, to guarantee the life of this front line staff.

Evaluate you, dear citizens, if we have done wrong by vaccinating them!

I remember one of the emergency ambulance drivers lost his life during the pandemic!

Attached is the list of vaccinated QKUM staff at the stadium.

"Noise" for vaccination of emergency drivers, reacts QKUM: They are


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