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Borrel's statement on integration as "One Thousand and One Nights" stories

Borrel's statement on integration as "One Thousand and One

by Virgilius

There's something in Josep Borrell's latest statement that sounds like One Thousand and One Nights stories. Not so much by content as by form. In other words, in the technique of keeping alive the interest in the listener, who, for four years, at least, listens to the same tale in the hope that the narrative is coming to an end.

At a recent press conference in Brussels, the High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy told reporters: “There is a need for reconciliation (sic!) In the Western Balkans. "There is also a clear position to start negotiations with Northern Macedonia and Albania once and for all," he said. According to the media quoting him, Borrell said that this is his personal opinion as a senior official of the European Union. Borrell did not hesitate to call on Bulgaria to lift its veto on starting negotiations with northern Macedonia before the end of the French presidency by the end of June and warned (Who?) Otherwise, EU relations with the region of the Western Balkans will enter a crisis. To further update the position, he added that this "would be a gift to Russia."

We are starting the comment at the end of his statement: the gift to Russia. The two countries in question, Albania and Northern Macedonia are members of NATO and fully aligned with the common foreign policy of the EU countries. In this case, they not only condemned the Russian aggression against Ukraine but also joined the sanctions packages. At this point, the so-called gift sounds to us like an empty phrase, or without bread, as we say here in the Balkans.

After all, Borrell's statement, like that of Varhely, in front of him resembles a cold, stale dish, taken out of the fridge, which after being heated in the microwave for a few seconds is served to us as a masterpiece of the chef. While people are tired of this necrology of the Brussels bureaucracy and expect a, I repeat, a concrete gesture in this blessed process of EU integration, a process that has been delayed for almost thirty years, taking more of the forms of a narrative biblical rather than a modern and contemporary process of integration into a family of common political and geostrategic values ​​and objectives.

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