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The real and shocking story behind Orgesa Zaim's song

The real and shocking story behind Orgesa Zaim's song

Orgesa Zaimi's song, "Nostalgia" has a real and very painful story. Created by Aida Baraku and Armend Rexhepagiqi, Orgesa participated in "Magic Song 2021" with this song.

5 years ago, a 17-year-old Gejda decided to end her life for unknown reasons. The 17-year-old is remembered by her family and relatives for her energy, good desire to help and leave her mark. Therefore, Gejda's parents decided to perpetuate the memory of their daughter in a joyful song that would summarize her essence.

2 years later, the song comes complete with a clip where Gejda's friends also participated. In a video message for "Rudina" on TV Klan, the caretaker teacher remembered the student who has left behind a strong memory.

"It's challenging to talk about her with some kind of emotional self-possession, yet they are moments lived and written in golden letters in beautiful memories for everyone who knew Gejda. Gejda was persistent in her desire to contribute to a society more humane who considers, who appreciates, who respects the other. She was the unifier of the bouquet of students of the class.

She was a very well-mannered girl and in any case it came quite naturally to her to greet, thank, congratulate and above all she had a very big heart for anyone in need. You were a kind-hearted person, so to speak, who held an oasis of virtues which she conveyed with dignity in her daily life but also through various activities. Let the song "Nostalgia" be the experience of cultivating these memories, to preserve these moments which are brought so sweetly in Orgesa's voice. A thank you for making this realization possible", concluded the teacher.

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