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Luizi, as a columnist in 'Per'puthen', clarifies his statements about the program

Luizi, as a columnist in 'Per'puthen', clarifies his statements

A few weeks before the end of "Big Brother VIP" between Efi and Luiz, a fierce debate took place where Luiz, among other things, criticized 'Per'kiss' as the format and the people who become part of it. He said that the contestants who come from "Për'puthen" are frauds, adding that he would never let his sister in such a show, where she would get to know many boys on the screen.

However, as we informed you earlier today, Luiz himself became part of the format as an opinion columnist. This season, different characters have sat in the commentator's chair and it seems that Luiz's turn has come. Of course, he clarified his statements about the girls of "Për'puthen" and why Kristin did not attack him as he attacked them. Luizi did not know that Kristi had been in such a format and that the girls of "Per'puthen" were simply harassing them.

"I don't remember that Christi has been in such a format. I heard around the house that they were saying you kissed someone. Yes, I could not imagine Kristi kissing. I didn't insult Për'Puthen's chicks, I was teasing them. Kristin doesn't admit that she loves him very much. Ever since I stepped foot in that house I said I would play, and I played a lot. I'm not proud of many things in there, I've also upset family members of the contestants, and for this comment I still say if I get into Big Brother and have Brikenda as a contestant, if it's useful to me, I'll mention it again, to put her in trouble . he said.

Asked what would be the advice for the protagonists, Luizi said that they should follow their dreams, regardless of people's comments.

"People will never stop talking, words will always be. If you want something, go for it, don't hold back, the end will be worth it. I'm not a social media person, I went to a concert and they told me why you didn't take Kiara with you, I took her and they told me why you took her". he said.

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