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The Serbian army denies having planned the invasion of Kosovo

The Serbian army denies having planned the invasion of Kosovo

The Chief of the General Staff of the Serbian Army, General Milan Mojsilovic, denied on Monday the accusations of officials in Pristina that the Serbian army had planned the invasion of Kosovo, while underlining that the presence of the Serbian army near the border with Kosovo has already been reduced.

He made these comments at a press conference in Belgrade together with Serbian Defense Minister Milosh Vucevic, in which they denied Serbia's involvement in the September 24 attack in the village of Banjska in northern Kosovo.

"The Armed Forces of Serbia are a serious, strong organization that does not allow any improvisation or lies. The accusations that the Armed Forces of Serbia have planned the invasion of Kosovo, this insults the intellect," said General Mojsilovic.

Kosovo accuses Serbia of being behind the September 24 attack, in which an armed group fired on Kosovo police, killing one officer and wounding another. During the ensuing clashes, three attackers were killed. The attack was claimed by Milan Radoicic, the former vice-president of Lista Serbe, the largest party of Kosovo Serbs that was founded and is supported by Belgrade.

On Sunday, the authorities in Kosovo published in a press conference images from the drones seized in Banjska, which according to them prove the involvement of the Serbian state in the organization of the attack. In the published images, the armed group can be seen which, according to them, was training a few days before September 24 in one of the largest training grounds of the Serbian army.

Prime Minister of Kosovo Albin Kurti said on Monday on social networks that "based on the documentation confiscated by the Kosovo police, it has been confirmed that the terrorist attack was part of a larger plan to annex the north of Kosovo through a coordinated attack on 37 positions distinct. The creation of a corridor to Serbia would follow, to enable the supply of weapons and troops", he wrote./ VOA

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