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Found a photo with McGonigal: I've met him a few times, but I won't give details

Found a photo with McGonigal: I've met him a few times, but I won't

The General Secretary of the Socialist Party, Damian Gjiknuri, has spoken about the meeting with the former FBI official, Charles McGonigal.

Invited to the show "5 questions nmga Babaramo", Gjiknuri said that he had met the former FBI official, but refused to give details. Gjiknuri added that the meeting with McGonigal took place in the city of Tropoja, where he received the title of "Honorary Citizen".

The Socialist said they were not informed that McGonigal had not declared the meetings with them.

"The details don't matter, I'm not here for details. I am not here to give an answer about the talks I had with a foreign official because it would be unethical to give details about these meetings. I have met him several times since I believe you have also read the indictment, there is no mention of concern as to why he met the Minister of Energy. He was not accompanied by embassy officials. He was not accompanied by Mr. Ducka. The conversations I have had, there was an official relationship with the Ministry of Energy, he did not ask for favors. It was done in a ceremony where McGonigal was awarded "Honorary Citizen" by the Municipality of Tropoja, lunch was held in Tirana.

That's the story, there's nothing hidden, it wasn't a terrorist, or a man with crimes that I had to guard against. The Albanian government did not know if he would be in violation of the Code of Ethics for not declaring his travels to Albania, we were in good faith with a high official. Whether he fulfilled his duty is a matter that is being investigated. I don't have to say what we talked about", said Gjiknuri.

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