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Bardhi answers Xhačka: When you believe in justice, why are you tied to Rama's pants?


After the abuses and insults that Olta Xhaçka directed at the opposition, the head of the parliamentary group Gazment Bardhi reminded them that the accusations of profiting from state property were raised by SPAK and not the opposition.

From the Assembly, Bardhi responded to the socialist deputy by saying that 11 m of public land was stolen with forged documents that were transferred to Xhaçka's husband, Artan Gaçi.

Bardhi said that Xhaçka does not have to hide behind Rama's pants when he trusts justice, but he should go to the Constitutional Court and face it.

"The accusations were raised by SPAK, not the opposition. he should not have been an MP. There is no claim that has not been confirmed by the prosecution. 11 thousand meters of public property were robbed with forged papers. For 5 days, they became the property of the lady's husband.

If the lady claims that everything the opposition said, why did she tie Rama's pants and not go to the GJK? We demand that it be examined by justice. Criminals and thieves hide from justice.

You have become ridiculous, because of the great trouble that has come over you because you don't want to hand it over to justice, you don't know what you do and what you sleep, no one has slandered or lied to you. We made a motion, I went to the CJK and Olta told us that you should hand over Xhaçka to the CJK. Madam, how long do you believe in justice, why are you hiding behind Rama's vote. Let's go to the GJK, let the GJ decide. Why are you hiding from justice, you who fought so hard for justice. He said it in black and white, the validity of the mandate is verified by the GJK. Your mandate is unconstitutional and illegal", declared Bardhi.


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