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Berisha: There has never been such an unconstitutional attempt to suppress the opposition

Berisha: There has never been such an unconstitutional attempt to suppress the

Berisha: An Albanian-international mafia attempt to annihilate the Albanian opposition, witnessed in the most shameful way. There has never been such an open attempt, so unconstitutional, so illegal by the Albanian state and international mafia, to extinguish the opposition in Albania.

Never has such an open attempt been made to put him in full control of Edi Rama's mafia interests. You, dear candidates, heads of branches, operated in an extraordinary situation. A situation with which the Albanian and international mafia tried to do everything so that we would not be actors in the elections in our country.

He created every pretext and took every measure to prevent us from participating in these elections.

Edi Rama, with the help of the former American ambassador, McGonagall in a dress, intervened in the judicial process contrary to every principle of national and international justice, and took the political force's stamp, logo, three days before the start of the campaign, with the intention that this political force not to enter the campaign.

But we could not fall victim to an anti-Albanian, anti-democratic act by the mafia of Edi Rama and George Soros. This could not happen.

Never in the history of a free country has it happened that the government appoints the president to the opposition coalition. And this constitutes one of the ugliest acts with the sole purpose of hitting the opposition in the heart, to make it fictitious. It has never happened that 61 candidates in 61 municipalities of the country have zero public funding. And today, after all this suffering, they represent over half a million Albanians and their taxes.

It has never happened in the history of a country, in the history of Albania, that at the height of the electoral campaign, the government sends the envelope to 683 thousand pensioners with 50 thousand ALL, thus revealing the opening platform, the purchase platform with official voting decisions of Albanians.

It has never happened that the electoral campaign is done with salary increases and in the middle of the campaign salaries are increased. These have never happened. With all that, you managed to get half a million votes. You managed to tell this anti-democratic, anti-Albanian mafia that this people has democratic ideals. That this people does not accept monism. This was a definitive response to that scenario that seeks to destroy the nation through the destruction of the opposition.

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