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Berisha: Rama votes for the law to privatize these properties from Alabari, Olsi Rama and drug traffickers

Berisha: Rama votes for the law to privatize these properties from Alabari, Olsi

The leader of the opposition, Sali Berisha, continued with the accusations against Prime Minister Edi Rama that he votes for laws to privatize properties without first compensating the owners who did not receive their property.

"Public property that can change destination is given first of all, above all, compensation to owners who have not received their property.

To steal, loot the public property that is the property of the citizens, to give it to yourself, your brother, traffickers, you are a heartless, greedy person, it exceeds any kind of limit.

Every meter of land, every public property that can be alienated must go only to owners, owners, owners.

This is a heinous crime my friends.

Don't forget that there are hundreds and hundreds of buildings on private land and the law and morality require that every square meter of public land that can be alienated goes to the private owner, to the former private owner.

The DP government, my friends, is the government that made 230 thousand Albanians owners of public apartments. He made them owners with symbolic prices, he made them owners to reward that labor, that terrible sweat that they had poured into a barbaric system and ended up the poorest of the world.

The government returned or compensated 1 billion 577 million 400 thousand square meters of land to the legitimate owners.

And 510 thousand Albanians benefited from these reforms. But the government also registered 75 thousand hectares of land to compensate the owners who had not yet been compensated.

Edi Rama gave the compensation fund to traffickers, drug addicts, criminals on millions and millions of square meters of land.

And now, this brigand votes for the law that these properties be privatized by him first with Alabari, by Olsi Rama with Gaz Demi, etc., etc., a bunch of thieves who are drinking the blood of this nation.

You have never had an enemy nation like this," said Berisha.

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