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Berisha appealed to the opposition: Rama is overthrown only with action without return and civil disobedience

Berisha appealed to the opposition: Rama is overthrown only with action without

Chief Democrat Sali Berisha has repeated the call for civil disobedience against the regime of Edi Rama.

In the speech held at the National Assembly of DP, Berisha said that Rama is not overthrown with speeches, but with action without return until victory.

Berisha : Even today, the narco-regime of Edi Rama will wake up the sleeping lion among Albanians.

Why did I say these words today? I told him because every Albanian should share his mind, that this is not a political battle, it is a fight for existence, for the salvation of the nation and Albania.

Dear friends!

We are not against a party, but against a state party occupied by the most dangerous state mafia in Europe headed by Edi Rama.

Against those who in 10 years showed that they do not want pluralism, democracy, Albanians. We are against the Albanian-speaking enemy, Edvin Kristaq Rama.

With a vote, he does not run away because he does not allow a free vote, because he is leaving power and faces the responsibility of his terrible crimes that he has committed against Albanians this decade.

What remains to be done under these circumstances?

We have demonstrated the answer to this in the parliament, action without return, civil disobedience, action without return until victory.

43 of us are in the parliament, we only have a month and with so many people, in such a short time, with the battle without return and civil disobedience, we won two key battles.

First we unmasked Edi Rama. The whole world learned in the last few days that Albania, a NATO member country, has a prime minister who has staged a coup within the country.

He denies the constitutional rights of the MPs, that because of the mega-thefts and his terrible connections with crime, he does not accept parliamentary control, only because he is terrified of his investigation.

The whole world saw that Edi Rama is a prime minister who passes the budget of the Albanians for the whole year, in 4 minutes, a prime minister who hides behind the Guard, just like the main bosses of the drug cartels in Mexico, Colombia or other countries.

But dear delegates and delegates, democrats and democrats, citizens and citizens!

Don't expect everything from the opposition delegates.

We in the parliament are defending our constitutional rights, and the rights of 600,000 citizens who voted against the government. But today every Albanian has violated rights, is robbed by the government and is aggressed by the state, therefore everyone's response should be action without return with civil disobedience.

Mit'hat Frashëri said that the salvation of Albania will come through ourselves.

Today, from this assembly, I appeal to democrats, citizens, action without return for the free vote of Albanians, action without return against the enemy of our identity, civil disobedience for our freedoms. We will win.

I appeal to all the opposition, not only the democrats.

We may be different, but Edi Rama is our common enemy. Do not think that Edi Rama is overthrown with speeches, statements or elections.

Therefore, I invite you to join the action without return with civil disobedience to save democracy, we will win.

I appeal to the citizens, and especially to those without a party.

Political pluralism is yours. The money for the incinerators that Rama e Veliaj steals is yours.

Those 1 million Albanians who have fled are your children, brothers and sisters.

The crime that rules threatens you, or your loved ones.

Your silence is the strongest ally of Edi Rama and his narco regime, therefore my call to you, for your future, to stand up in civil disobedience.

Action without return. We will win.

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