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Causes are won with persistence, Kelliçi: Friday, 11:00 a.m. again in protest in front of Tirana City Hall

Causes are won with persistence, Kelliçi: Friday, 11:00 a.m. again in

The member of the leadership of the DP, Belind Këlliçi, in a statement to the media from the blue headquarters, called on the citizens to protest in front of the municipality of Tirana, the second most corrupt institution in Albania, on Friday at 11:00.

In his statement, Kelliçi emphasized the fact that causes are won with endurance and resistance.


The return home of the flag of the Democratic Party, the restoration of legality, after a long war with Edi Rama and his servants, is good news, not only for the Democrats, but for all Albanians.

But, this victory does not completely restore normalcy nor does it give pause to our efforts to restore legality to the end, to make Albania a normal country again, a country of everyone, not only of 'strategists' and 'directors' '.

For 11 weeks we have been gathering in front of the Tirana Municipality, the second most corrupt institution in the country, to hear the voice of truth, to unmask the thieves, to resign Erion Veliaj and return the municipality to the citizens.

Nothing has stopped us these weeks: neither heat, nor pressure, nor poisons and police violence.

As no threat or pressure stopped us, even in the long battle to return the flag of the Democratic Party to the Democrats.

I invite you to gather again in this spirit on Friday, at 11:00, in front of the town hall.

Let the flag of the Democratic Party return home, the flag of the true opposition, lead us.

Let the red and black flag of Albania lead us.

Let the cause lead us and the belief that with endurance, with effort, every battle is won.

Nothing stops us in the fair and victorious fight to return the municipality to normality and legality.

Your strength, your faith, your support have been and are the engine of the victory we achieved yesterday.

Without the democrats, without the citizens, nothing is achieved.

I call on you once again that, on Friday the 14th, at 11 o'clock, we are all together to take Erion Veliaj to his friends.

Our action continues because causes are won with persistence.

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