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Kelliçi: SPAK has all the evidence against Veliaj, it is giving him the opportunity to disappear and continue the thefts

Kelliçi: SPAK has all the evidence against Veliaj, it is giving him the


The member of the leadership of the Democratic Party, Belind Kelliçi, today asked SPAK to do its legal duty towards Erion Veliaj.

Kelliçi said from the blue headquarters that SPAK has all the evidence of Erion Veliaj's thefts, but still let him go, giving him the opportunity to destroy and destroy the evidence that incriminates him.


Yesterday, we officially submitted to SPAK the famous IFC study, from February 2014, which proves that the project of the Tirana Municipality at the time, predicted that citizens would pay the figure of 38 euros/ton for the entire chain of waste treatment , including street cleaning, waste collection, transportation, storage, landfill expansion, and finally their treatment.

As soon as Erion Veliaj entered the Tirana Municipality in 2015, he entered with a detailed plan to extort the citizens of Tirana through two schemes that are already clear to anyone.

The first proposed, publicly defended and personally signed the waste concession granted to the company Integrated Energy BV SPV, where it has so far stolen at least 132 million euros from the pockets of Albanians for a non-existent incinerator and also gave it the monopoly of cleaning the city , paying about 17 million euros per year to his friends of the Italian Ndranghetta, through the company Eco Tirana.

The second scheme was that of stealing 100% of public funds through the infamous 5D Construction company, a scheme which was replicated by several other headliners, such as the famous Arben Maloku with his company ARB-Trans 2010 and Kujtim Qefalia with the Dajti Park company 2007.

All three of these companies have benefited from public tenders and construction permits from the Municipality of Tirana, for a value that exceeds the figure of 200 million euros.

The entire electoral staff of Erion Veliaj in the elections of May 2023, have been reported to SPAK for more than 1 year and this structure follows the lethargic sleep over these flagrant files.

Although today, with the approval of Veliaj, Taulant Tusha, Mariglen Qato and Redi Molla are behind bars, Erioni continues quietly paying for 5D and the ghost incinerator of Tirana.

The Democratic Party and I personally are committed to the fact that the actual owner of the incinerator of Tirana and 5D Construction, Erion Veliaj, will have the fate of the 3 directors in the cell, together with the rest still outside and in the service of this bandit.

Every day that passes, Erion Veliaj's stay in the office of the Mayor of Tirana, gives him the opportunity to disappear the evidence and continue to quietly steal the budget of the Municipality of Tirana.

Erion's colleagues in SPAK must share their minds once and for all. Either they are collaborators of the thief Erion Veliaj, or they are in the service of law and justice. There is NO middle ground and THERE WILL NOT BE!

For this reason, I again invite the citizens of Tirana, democrats and socialists, with or without a party, to protest together in front of the Tirana City Hall, on Friday, June 21, at 11:00.

The immediate departure from the office of the thief Erion Veliaj is a national emergency.   

Oh today, oh never.

Thank you.

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