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PD: The Regional Director of Health Care, Arben Asllani, benefits from the tender from the municipality of Elbasan

PD: The Regional Director of Health Care, Arben Asllani, benefits from the

The spokesperson for anti-corruption in the Democratic Party, Genta Vangjeli, in a statement to the media from the blue office, denounced the benefit of tenders in the municipality of Elbasan.


On February 26, 2024, the Elbasan Municipality announced the lease of the 33 ha area in the village of 'Labinot' for 10 years. Purpose of putting into use: For setting up stations, bases for photovoltaic panels for the purpose of energy production.

On April 2, 2024, the Municipality of Elbasan announced the preliminary notice for this competitive procedure where it announced as the winner the only participating economic operator 'ENERGYOLBEN' sh.p.k'.

First, 'ENERGYOLBEN' is owned by the company ELTEX shpk which is owned by Arben Asllanin and his brother.

Arben Asllani was previously the head of the Regional Directorate of Road Transport, the Regional Directorate of OSHEE and the Explosives Plant in Mjekës Elbasan. In 2023, he was appointed Director of the Health Care Services Operator for Elbasan, Korçë and Berat counties.

Secondly, Arben Asllani, even though he is the head of state institutions, has personally invested in the construction of HEC OLBEN, for which, in the capacity of the representative of ELTEX shpk, he submitted a request to the Environment Agency, for which the relevant EIA was drawn up.

Meanwhile, KLSh in the audit report for the municipality of Gramsh 2023, has found violations related to the company of Mr. Asllani, evidencing mismanagement of forest fund areas and non-implementation of the field's regulatory framework.

According to KLSh, the "Eltex" company with legal administrator Oltion Asllani, on February 13, 2020, signed a contract "For the provision of the public forest and pasture fund" with the Municipality of Gramsh for the construction and operation of HEC Olben with a 10-year term and has not make payments according to the terms of the above contract.

ELTEX is the beneficiary of 109,787,713 lek for VAT refund, including a payment of 6 million lek as refund for participating in the auction Warehouse 146 Elbasan.

The directors of Edi Rama certainly use the state position by exploiting it for personal gain, but the question is: will SPAK allow Gledian Llatjan to enter into a contract with the company of the Director of the Health Care Services Operator of Elbasan, Korçë and Berat Districts?

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