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Exceed '5D'/; Kelliçi: Dajti's headmen have received at least 55 million euros in tenders

Exceed '5D'/; Kelliçi: Dajti's headmen have received at

The member of the leadership of the DP, Belind Kelliçi, has published all the documents that prove that Arben Maloku and Kujtim Qefalia, both senior political leaders in the headquarters of Veliaj, have benefited about 130 million euros, which SPAK neither sees nor does take the trouble to investigate.

The photo you see on the screen is another 5D of Erion Veliaj. The next character is called Kujtim Qefalia, who since 2007 has been the Administrator of the Dajt Administrative Unit.

Kujtim Qefalia in 1999 founded the company Qefalia sh.pk, which today bears the name Dajti Park 2007. In 2007, the gentleman in question, after being elected mayor, transferred the shares of this company to citizen Ylber Osman Kalaja.

After the election of Kujtim Qefalija at the head of the Dajt Municipality, this company began to flourish by obtaining more than 4 construction permits in the area of ​​Fresk and Qesaraka, with Kujtim Qefalija's own signature. In 2016, Kujtim's brother, Mr. Lulzim Qefalia, the other character you see in the photo.

In December 2018, Ylber Kalaja decided to donate the shares of the company. He gave 50% to his son and 50% to Lulzim Qefalia. A very large charitable gesture considering that the value of these shares was 1.7 million euros.

Ylber Kalaja in the same period is convicted of corruption for the famous tenders in the General Directorate of Prisons. Surprisingly, the company Dajti Park 2007, which had benefited from these tenders through corruption, is not punished, is not put under sequestration and is not excluded from participating in public procurements.

The donation of 50% of the shares to the brother of Kujtim Qefalia is irrefutable proof that Ylber Kalaja was simply a presta nome.

In April 2022, Erion Veliaj decides to reward the Qefalia family company with a giant construction permit for a hotel and residence near the Sami Frashëri Gymnasium, in one of the most coveted areas of Tirana.

But the Dajti Park 2007 company was not satisfied with this construction permit alone. This company has won 30 tenders in the Municipality of Tirana, during the period that Veliaj was chairman, worth 10 million euros.

Erion Veliaj gave these tenders to the Qefalia family through the Funeral Services Agency and the Reconstruction Program.

The company of the Qefalia brothers has also benefited from the Ministry of Health 9 tenders worth 2.5 million euros and from the Central Purchasing Agency, 20 tenders worth 6.9 million euros, where the tenders in the General Directorate of Prisons stand out again.

Kujtim Qefalia, through his son-in-law and his family members employed in the Municipality of Tirana, has benefited through the AL-POINT company tender 4.8 million euros for the construction of a building in the area of ​​5 Mait, where Veliaj took the families out of their homes with tear gas destroyed homes and the work of a lifetime. Also, this company has benefited from 2 more building permits signed by Veliaj.

Through the company ISEC sh.pk, owned by his close family members, Kujtim Qefalia has benefited about 700,000 euros from tenders until today as we speak.

In total, the Qefalia family, starting after the "Renaissance" came to power, has benefited from about 25 million euros of tenders, of which 15 million euros only from the Municipality of Tirana with the signature of Erion Veliaj, as well as 3 construction permits that are calculated at market value in the figure of 30 million euros.

On May 14 of last year, Kujtim Qefalia was the Political Director of Erion Veliaj for the area of ​​the former Dajt Municipality and surrounding villages. As never before, during that campaign a real electoral massacre took place, which is explained quite simply when you see that the Qefalia family, with Erion Veliaj's signature and not only, benefited only from the companies that we managed to discover, at least 55 million euros.

As you can clearly see, the entire 5D electoral staff of Erion Veliaj used the same scheme. Sometimes the father-in-law, sometimes the father, sometimes the son-in-law, to steal hundreds of millions of euros from the budget of the Municipality of Tirana.

Only the two officials denounced yesterday and today, Arben Maloku and Kujtim Qefalia, both senior political leaders in Veliaj's headquarters, have benefited about 130 million euros, which SPAK neither sees nor bothers to investigate.

The Democratic Party and I personally will continue to make full transparency about the Structured Criminal Group in the Municipality of Tirana headed by Erion Veliaj and we will not stop until the day SPAK places the scene of the crime, the building of the Municipality of Tirana under seizure.

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