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The Rama-Bolino/Berisha scandal deepens: Either they are the owners of the building, or they have falsified the declared balances

The Rama-Bolino/Berisha scandal deepens: Either they are the owners of the

"Rama-Bolino public fraud with ERTV documentary to cover up the grabbing of 4,900 square meters of land with four custom VKM all with Bolino's company.
In this public fraud documentary, Rama and Bolino have consumed not one, but several criminal offenses serious.
And once again, I humanely ask for the reasoning of the citizens.
Imagine, Sali Berisha, with the laws he has passed, has returned properties and objects confiscated by the communist regime, over 320 thousand Albanian citizens in a total of 1 billion 577 million 400 thousand meters square meters, of which 408 meters belong to Jamarbër Malltez with all the documents,
while Edi Rama and Karlo Bolino stole 4,900 meters of land with 4 personalized decisions, i.e. four decisions, all dedicated to Karlo Bolino's company. given for sevap by the owner families, to the children of that area who did not have high school, for about 60 thousand inhabitants.
From this land, Rama and Bolino, only from the Begeja family have received 3 times more land than the successor of the Begejas received. Jamarbër Malltezi.
Let the citizens judge this, I am here to judge Edi Rama, who after having consumed a series of criminal offenses with 4 personalized decisions, produces with Bolino an end-to-end documentary, fabrications and deceptions.
Rama and Bolino in their documentary state that 'Albania 1 euro' is an initiative of the Berisha government to stimulate foreign investments in the country, the procedures are detailed in VKM 54 of the Rama government of 2014, i.e. 5 years before Report TV of benefit.
I want to clarify here that the 'Albania 1 euro' initiative is an initiative of the PD government, but it is true that it did not imagine it as an initiative for the construction of pro-government televisions and for the corruption of the media. It was undertaken as an initiative that would encourage foreign investments, especially in the poor areas of the country.
But it is Edi Rama who adds to his VKM, the use of this initiative for the construction of televisions.
What I can say is that the change in the VKM, which also benefited investments in televisions, was made by the government of Rama, after the initial approval of VKM 54 and was made in 2015. We also clarified the last change made, which the right for privatization is granted.
So, with this change, Rama not only gives to televisions, but in point 8, fraction 4, VKM 54 of 2014, it is stated: In lease or emfeteosis contracts, concluded for property where the land area is over 500 square meters, in cases where the tenant company has made investments to the extent of 150 percent of the value of the land and has respected the terms of the contract, the subjects have the right to direct privatization of the object of the contract according to the legislation in force.
So, this decision comes in flagrant violation of the Law of Property Restitution and Compensation, which stipulates in point two of Article 31, that any alienation of state or public property, be it, automatically goes to the expropriated person.
After these changes in VKM, Rama-Bolino have entered into contractual relations with the state, with the government.
In their public fraud documentary, they say that contrary to what Berisha slanders, Report TV has not become the owner of anything, remember this, but has only signed a lease contract in exchange for a symbolic rent of 1 euro, the law and the government compel it to hire a significant number of employees and to make a costly investment, most of which remains the property of the state.
This is another fraud of the Rama-Bolino duo, since in the balance sheets of the company MTSC ShPK, for the years 20-22, a value of 265 million ALL is reflected as long-term assets in process in the balance sheet of 2022.
What are these? It is the construction, which was not absolutely owned, it was owned by the state. Bolino himself claims that he owned nothing, except television sets.
So what else has he reported? This is another balance, from 2019. These are tax reports. If he did not consider them his own, he has a separate voice, but not with long-term material assets. 45 million because that was the investment in the building at that time. Later, the investment reached 265 million.
So, according to national accounting standards, in the asset item are recorded: The economic entity recognizes the cost of an item of AAMs only as an asset, if and only if the asset is controlled by the economic entity, it is possible that from the use of the asset, it will economic benefits flow to the entity and the cost of the asset can be measured reliably.
The initial registration of AAM is usually done at the time of its acquisition or production benefit.
Finally, if it is clear to Rama-Bolino that they are not the owners of the building, they have falsified the balances declared in the tax administration and have committed a serious criminal offense. For three years in a row this forgery and this is punishable by law."

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