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"Just steal", Noka: PS, symbol of greed

"Just steal", Noka: PS, symbol of greed

The general secretary of the Democratic Party, Flamur Nokanga, from the floor of the Assembly, has emphasized that a part of the Assembly is not the representatives of the people, but the symbol of greed and nepotism.

He also emphasized that for 11 years the government has only one goal, only to steal. 

"Today the assembly should have had a chance to show that it is the place where the people's representatives sit, those who have been voted to protect the public interest. But from what we heard from the minister who revealed the scenario here, this assembly is divided into two parts .

One part is the representatives of the citizens and the defenders of the public interest, and the other part is the symbol of greed, of indolence, a symbol of wickedness and a symbol of corruption.

This is bad luck for Albania and for Albanians. Today everything has been revealed. When once upon a time in the PD, the opposition of this country, we said that Ali Baba came to power with 40 thieves, you laughed and mocked. P

or what has resulted today after 11 years in power and what this assembly is showing today. It shows that the power gang, together with the representatives of theft, notaries of greed, have been chasing the state budget like hyenas for 11 years.

For 11 years you only had one motto, steal, steal, and then you had the opportunity to buy votes to govern and steal and steal again,"  said Noka.


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