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Xixho: Pensioners in Albania receive 6.7 USD per day, less than the poverty line

Xixho: Pensioners in Albania receive 6.7 USD per day, less than the poverty line

The vice-president of the Freedom Party, Erisa Xhixho, in a reaction on social networks, said that pensions in Albania are in danger of going towards failure.

The MP of PL, referring to the figures of EUROSTAT, emphasizes that Albania spends twice less from GDP than the average of EU countries for pensioners. According to her, a pensioner in Albania lives on 6.7 dollars a day, this figure is lower than the poverty line in our country.

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Pensioners are the most financially discriminated group in Albania, while we had to guarantee them a dignified life for all the contribution they have made to the country.
In addition to not repaying this obligation to pensioners today, the government is leading the pension system itself to the abyss.
???? According to Eurostat, the average expenditure in EU countries for pensions is 12.9% of GDP, while Albania has 6.8% of GDP.
???? Albanian pensioners receive payments much lower than the poverty line in Albania (6.7 USD per day).
???? The third age will soon make up 30% of the population.
Little is spent on pensions in relation to GDP as the level of public revenue collection in Albania is among the lowest in the region. Pensions are low because the government shares money with its clients in corrupt projects.
The Freedom Party has a detailed plan to support pensioners.
About 45 billion ALL will be distributed to pensioners and there will be continuous annual indexation.
This will make it possible:
✅Doubling of pensions
✅Reimbursement of medicines: bill about 3.5 billion lek
✅Increasing the minimum pension to the level of 50% of the minimum wage
The money to lift pensioners out of poverty is, it takes the will that the government of scandals of corruption has never existed!

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