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5 kilograms of drugs and 75 thousand euros in 'cash', two Albanians are arrested in Italy

5 kilograms of drugs and 75 thousand euros in 'cash', two Albanians

Two Albanian citizens, one 42 years old and the other 21 years old, have fallen into the hands of the Italian police.

The local media reports that the two Albanians have been arrested on charges of possession and transportation, for the purposes of drug distribution, of large quantities of drugs.

During a planned checkpoint, the agents of the Road Police stopped a van with foreign license plates, in which there were two Albanian citizens, who immediately showed signs of intolerance and unwarranted nervousness.

Inside the back of the vehicle, the police found several bags of different types and sizes, with food (oil and fruit and sacks of meat in an advanced state of decomposition) which emitted a strong nauseating smell, the circumstance that the police immediately returned in the typical stunt of drug couriers, to cover as much as possible the smell of narcotics, in the case of anti-drug controls with dog units.

From the subsequent control of the vehicle and persons, it was possible to find on the driver's side 5 packages covered with cellophane and fixed with adhesive tape, containing heroin and cocaine, with a total weight of 5,642 kg, a cloth bag with 8 bundles of banknotes of different denominations, also wrapped in cellophane, for an amount of several thousand tens of euros which, added with another 1580 euros in their direct availability, reach a total of 73,205 euros.

Those arrested by order have been escorted to Bari prison, awaiting the security measure.

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