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Albania's energy ambitions, potentials to return to a transit country for Europe and BP

Albania's energy ambitions, potentials to return to a transit country for

After the Russian war in Ukraine, the countries' emergency for oil and gas imported from Russia deepened. The imposition of sanctions blocked Moscow's hydrocarbon trade, making it more difficult for the West to survive and find alternative routes to supply fuel.

Albania aims in the future to become a transit country for gas transit in the Western Balkans region and in Europe.

Overgaz Company, a leader in Bulgaria in the gas sector, to which the American company Linden Energy bought a 50 per cent stake last year, signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Albanian state-owned company Albgas in Tirana earlier this week (16.05).

The memorandum concerns the bilateral cooperation for the realization of projects that diversify the supply of natural gas in BP and in Europe, including the supply of the company Overgas with Liquefied Gas (LNG) in the port of Vlora.

Deutsche Welle reports that according to official sources, the cooperation in question has received the full support of the United States, recalling that former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was also present at the signing ceremony. The cooperation between the American-Bulgarian company and the Albanian state one aims to build a new passage corridor from the Port of Vlora to the Western Balkans and Europe.

The project, which will be implemented for this purpose, envisages the construction in the bay of Vlora of a new floating terminal for the import of LNG, its storage and regasification, which will enable the gas supply of the existing TPP in Vlora. A new pipeline, Vlore-Fier, to be built will enable the transport of quantities of gas to the Trans-Adriatic Pipeline (TAP), which has a key role in EU energy security and its independence from Russian gas.

Arbër Avrami, Executive Director of Albgas, tells DË that the gas supply of this company through this new corridor will go, in addition to the Western Balkans, to Ukraine and Moldova.

Shkëlqim Bozgo, a well-known expert in the field of energy, tells DW that "the circumstances created by the war in Ukraine, the geographical position of Albania and the fact that TAP is already operational, enable Albania to become a transit point for gas flows. natural gas through the construction of a liquefied gas terminal in Vlora and its connection to the TAP gas pipeline. ”

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