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He was raped by 4 people, lawyer Sokol Mêngjesi comes out of coma

He was raped by 4 people, lawyer Sokol Mêngjesi comes out of coma

Lawyer Sokol Mênjesi came out of the coma today, a state he was in for days after he was barbarically raped by several people.

The lawyer was transported about a week ago from the Trauma hospital by private medical plane to a hospital in Athens for specialized treatment.

Sokol Mêngjesi, who is also the lawyer of the chief democrat Sali Berisha, was beaten because of his duty. He has represented a family that inherited a property in Tirana in a civil process at First Instance and in Appeal.

The process is won by the party represented by it. But some of the heirs have refused to fulfill the legal conditions of the contract with the law firm.

The Tirana police announced that the perpetrators of the violence against the lawyer are Elton Kasaj, Drivald Alia and Dorian Alia.

While a fourth person named Romario Tabaku helped the suspected perpetrators to drive them away from the scene with the Audi car. As the organizer, the Tirana Police suspects Dritan Nano, 58 years old, whom he accompanied with initiative.

4 perpetrators of violence against lawyer Sokol Mêngjesi. They are Romario Tabaku and cousins ​​Elton Kasaj, 33 years old, and cousins ​​Drivald Alia, 21 years old, and Dorian Alia, 32 years old.

One of the perpetrators of this incident, Dorian Alia alias Agron Alia, has surrendered to the police.

He stated that they did not want to kill the lawyer, but only to scare him.

However, the lawyer Sokol Mêngjesi was brutally beaten by being hit with hard objects and suffering severe head injuries.


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