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He considered it a waste of life, Rama

He considered it a waste of life, Rama

Prime Minister Edi Rama, during a conference with Deputy Prime Minister Antonio Tajani, asked the EU to accuse Serbia of killing policeman Afrim Bunjaku in the north of Kosovo.

He added that the recent events in Kosovo are the worst scenario and there is a need for the EU to engage all democratic instruments.  

" Our position for the first time in the last 10 years in opposition to an EU foreign policy statement, this position is related to the fact that the EU statement is not that in itself there is a problem as it addresses everything that it has been said before by Borrell but there is a big problem that does not correspond to the reality of the last days.

We find it impossible to align with the EU without seeing a second statement that addresses the developments of the last few days. A Kosovo police officer was killed by a criminal group that clearly intended to carry out terror in Kosovo, which was followed by the announcement of a day of mourning in Belgrade."

But what made Rama change his mind, since he himself in his first reaction did not consider it murder but "loss of life".

The prime minister has even chosen to delete the reaction to the killing of Afrim Bunjak from his official Facebook account.

" The tragedy of the loss of life of the Kosovo Police officer is the biggest alarm bell to date for the ongoing risk of the protracted crisis escalating into an armed conflict," Rama wrote on Facebook .

He considered it a waste of life, Rama

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