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A citizen from Kruja dies from Covid-19, 498 infected in 24 hours

A citizen from Kruja dies from Covid-19, 498 infected in 24 hours

A citizen from Kruja lost his life from Covid-19 in the last 24 hours, the Ministry of Health informs.

In the daily report, the ministry clarifies that out of 1412 tests, 498 citizens have been infected and 521 have recovered.

We inform you about the situation in the last 24 hours, as follows: 1412 tests have been performed, of which 498 citizens have tested positive for COVID-19, in these municipalities:

147 in Tirana, 36 in Durrës, 30 in Fier, 20 in Lushnje, 18 in Devoll, 17 in Saranda, out of 16 citizens in Divjakë, Vlorë, 15 in Lezhë, 13 in Shkodër, 12 in Gjirokastër, 10 in Krujë, out of 9 citizens in Kavajë, Mallakastër, Korçë, 8 in Elbasan, out of 7 citizens in Kamëz, Pogradec, Kuçovo, out of 6 citizens in Shijak, Tepelena, Peqin, out of 5 citizens in Mirdita, Dibër, Selenica, Permet, Berat, Dimal, out of 4 citizens in Malësi e Madhe, Patos, Kolonje, from 3 citizens in Kurbin, Vorë, Roskovec, Skrapar, Belsh, from 2 citizens in Vau i Dejës, Himarë, Gramsh, from 1 citizen in Fushë Arrës, Kukës, Has, Bulqizë, Mat , Delvinë, Dropull, Maliq, Poliçan, Librazhd, Prrenjas.

There are 3,724 active citizens with Covid19 throughout the country.

Currently, 23 patients are receiving treatment at the COVID3 hospital. In the last 24 hours there is a loss of life with Sars-Cov2: a 72-year-old citizen from Kruja.

The Ministry of Health and Social Protection expresses its condolences to the family. 

521 citizens have recovered during the last 24 hours, bringing the number of those recovered to 316,796 since the beginning of the epidemic" , announced the Ministry of Health.

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