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There are no employees even in livestock, the farms are looking for a stabler with a salary of 1,000 euros

There are no employees even in livestock, the farms are looking for a stabler

Finding labor is becoming difficult in the livestock sector as well.

After offering salaries of 1,000 euros/month for cleaning workers from businesses in the south, salaries at this level are also being offered for the position of farmhand.

Shkëlqim Ajazi, the manager of a farm with 60 head of cows in the village of Lozhan in Korça, claims that he has been in difficulty for a long time, finding labor.

Through an announcement published on social networks, he seeks to hire an employee in the position of stableman with a monthly salary of 1,000 euros, including accommodation in a rented house paid by him, in addition to the house near the stable.

"The salary level of 1,000 euros is affordable by us, but even with this salary we offer, we are not able to find employees. We are really struggling for employees. Locals prefer to work in livestock farming for 40 euros a day in Greece, rather than live in Albania. This year, the difficulty of finding employees has increased a lot. For years, we managed to find even with salaries lower than 1,000 euros", he claimed when contacted by Monitor.

In the farm managed by him, adult calves are raised, then sold for meat consumption. Ajazi says that the prices of nutrients for animals have remained unchanged, there is no increase in costs, while import competition remains a problem. According to him, the calves that come for sale from Bulgaria are priced 50 to 60 euros cheaper than the local ones.

The lack of labor force has increased the demand for employment for service staff with salaries up to 1,000 euros per month, even in coastal areas.

In addition to jobs for chefs with salaries from 3,000 - 3,500 to 5,000 euros per month in special structures, or waiters with a salary of 1,000 euros and assistants/waiters with a salary of 800 euros, businesses in the South are now looking for cleaning workers with a monthly salary 800 to 1,000 euros.

In the announcement published earlier in one of the buildings in the "5 May" area in Tirana, a business in Saranda offered employment for cleaning workers with a salary of 800 to 1,000 euros per month, including free accommodation and food.

Many sectors of the economy are facing recruitment difficulties. The drive to recruit workers from Asia following the mass exodus of the local labor force into emigration has almost failed. There are many managers of manufacturing companies and service providers who have previously claimed that they have withdrawn from hiring foreigners for fear of their departure, since in many cases Albania is used as a transit country for employment towards the countries of EU.

But it was not only the fear of leaving the workplace that brought the withdrawal or hesitation of many Albanian companies, which are in immediate need of employees, to recruit Asians. The high cost of keeping them, starting with the net monthly payments, accommodation for sleeping and food that reaches at least 600 or 700 USD, does not justify the work yield that the workers from Bangladesh or Nepal offer./ Monitor

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