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Injured two people in Saranda, the photo of the 52-year-old is released

Injured two people in Saranda, the photo of the 52-year-old is released

The person in the photo is Fatmir Jashari, who injured two people with a knife during the afternoon today, who are out of danger.

The event took place around 2:00 p.m., in neighborhood no. 2, Sarandë, where it is suspected that after a conflict for weak motives, Jashari injured with a cutting tool (knife) 54-year-old Edmond Sulon and 62-year-old Spiro Llambrin. two residents in Saranda.

Sulo was shot in the head and under the armpit.

What has Fatmir Jashari been sentenced for?

He has a criminal record and it is learned that he was previously arrested three times for various criminal offences. Fatmir Jashari was arrested in 2000 in Corfu, driving a boat with which he carried out "drug trafficking", an event for which he was sentenced to 2 years in prison. He was also arrested in 2009 by the Gjirokastra Police with a quantity of 50 kg of cannabis, but was released after a few months. He was arrested in 2013 in Sorone, Konispol Municipality with 240 kg of cannabis.

During the inspection of Fatmir Jashari's apartment in 2009, 3 Kalashnikov type automatic firearms, 2 kilograms of tritol, 680 detonator capsules, 50 of which were assembled with wire, 50 meters of fuse, 1500 model 56 cartridges (automatic) and 6 combs were found. machine gun with cartridges. While in 2013, 1 Kalashnikov was found in the vehicle that was caught with drugs, while several detonator capsules were found in the apartment.

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