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Weekend plans, take a look at the weather forecast

Weekend plans, take a look at the weather forecast

According to the Military Meteorological Service, on Saturday (December 2), our country will be affected by relatively stable weather conditions with occasional alternations of clear and cloudy weather.

In the north and in the south, there will be local rainfall with low intensity, while the wind will remain relatively intense from the south quadrant, 2-9m/s, on the coast it will reach 13-20m/s, accompanied by strong sea waves. 2-4 front. Temperatures will experience slight increases in both values.

On Sunday (December 3) the penetration of moist air masses will cause instability, cloudy weather and rain of low to moderate intensity starting from the early hours of the 24 hours until the morning hours.

 Then the rains are localized in the north and southeast of the country with low intensity in the form of short-term local thunderstorms.

Temperatures will drop and the wind will decrease in intensity, 1-7m/s in the interior of the territory and 10-14m/s on the coast with southwest-northwest direction. The waves in the seas will be of force 2-4.

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