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Tensions in the north, the journalist: 3 Italians, members of KFOR in serious condition

Tensions in the north, the journalist: 3 Italians, members of KFOR in serious

Tonight, the situation in the north of Kosovo seems calm, but still tense.

In a direct link to "Opinion" on TV Klan, journalist Blerta Dalloshi Berisha reports that as a result of the clash between Serbs and KFOR troops in front of the municipality of Zveçan in the north of Kosovo, 25 KFOR forces were injured.

The journalist adds that 3 of them of Italian origin are in serious health condition.

Blerta Dalloshi Berisha says that she noticed that at the entrance to Zveçan, many of the protesters' cars had Serbian license plates.

Blerta Dalloshi BerishaThe situation is calm, but tense, there was an escalation of the situation today where 25 members of KFOR were injured, 3 of them are in a serious state of health, 11 are Italian and 3 of them are in serious condition. According to Vucic, 52 protesters were injured, while according to the Kosovo Police, 5 protesters were arrested.

Currently, it is impossible for them to enter the office. At the suggestion of the US, they were initially told not to swear in public facilities. Due to the situation, they cannot enter their offices in the municipalities.

Throughout the day, KFOR took care of security in Zveçan. The police of Koosva were in autobindas around the municipality. The Kosovo police have not been seen in the municipality in order not to escalate the situation. In Zveçan, at the entrance there were many cars with Belgrade license plates that participated in the protest.

Most of the internationals have been concrete that Kurti withdraw from this decision, today they asked that both parties be very restrained and the situation does not escalate.

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