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Attention to the goggles, Albania learns the opponents of Euro 2024 tomorrow

Attention to the goggles, Albania learns the opponents of Euro 2024 tomorrow


Germany will be the host country of the European Football Championship, Euro 2024. This is the second time since 1988. The championship starts on June 14, with the opening match in Munich, and ends on July 14, 2024 with the final in Berlin.

Which countries have qualified?

A total of 24 national teams will participate in Euro 2024. In addition to the team of the host country, that is, the German national team, so far the following have qualified: Albania, Belgium, Denmark, England, France, Italy, Croatia, Netherlands, Austria, Portugal, Romania , Scotland, Switzerland, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Czech Republic, Turkey and Hungary.

How are the remaining three determined?

The remaining three European Championship places will be determined at the end of March 2024 in three so-called "playoff" tournaments, each with four teams that qualified for the Nations League.

The twelve teams that will play for the remaining three places are: Georgia, Luxembourg, Finland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Israel, Greece, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Estonia, Poland, Iceland and Wales.

In the final of the first of three qualifying tournaments, the winner of the duel between Wales and Finland will then face either Poland or Estonia, who will compete in the second semi-final on Road A.

On road B the matches are:

Bosnia and Herzegovina - Ukraine
Israel - Iceland.

On road C you will meet:


Greece and Kazakhstan.


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