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Vjosa National Park, experts: Increases the possibility of tourism development

Vjosa National Park, experts: Increases the possibility of tourism development

The announcement of the Vjosa National Park is opening new perspectives in the field of environment and tourism development in the South of the country. The Vjosë River and its branches cross the areas of Përmet, Gjirokastra and Tepelena, constituting an important resource for the development of their local economies and especially tourism.

" It is about the First National Park of a wild river in the entire European continent. So it is a new model, it is a new mentality of how we approach the protection of nature. And as such, seeing how the approach to national parks has already changed specifically in these last 30 years in Europe but also in the world, it has been noticed more and more that national parks are a very big tourist attraction", he declares . for Euronews environmental expert, Olsi Nika.

Meanwhile, the ecotourism specialist said: "There will be an increase in the flow thanks to the national echo that has been given to the Vjosa river valley, the flora and fauna that it carries."

" The Vjosa River is the only wild river in Europe. Of course, it carries one of the richest ecosystems, based primarily on the statistics and studies done by Austrian, Swiss, American researchers, but also by the international environmental organization "Patagonia", he added .

Now for the experts, the challenge remains the protection of the Natural Park of Vjosa as well as the securing of financing for its good administration in function of the development of ecotourism.

 " It is an extraordinary challenge that lies ahead because it is quite a big responsibility for a small country like Albania to manage properly this type of river park and as such there must definitely be technical and financial assistance from Europe definitely in order to guarantee an effective protection of the park on the one hand, but also a development around the park area where the local communities, local businesses of the area and the Albanian economy as a whole will benefit absolutely first", said expert Nika . /Euronews/

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