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This is the balance of the damage from the attacks in the north

This is the balance of the damage from the attacks in the north

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kosovo published today the so far balance of attacks during the violent protests of the last few days, organized in the north of Kosovo.

According to the ministry, so far 21 attacks on the media and journalists have been registered, six Kosovo Police officials have been injured and 30 KFOR soldiers have also been injured, three of them with firearms.

Also, in the announcement, it is stated that two citizens were brutally beaten, two Kosovo Police vehicles were completely burned, and seven others belonging to the same institution were damaged.

"The violence and terror exercised by the fascist militia has produced significant numbers of criminal acts. The chaos that the criminal gangs directed and orchestrated from Belgrade have attempted to create has caused injuries to people, property damage and attempted ban on free expression and reporting by the media," the press release states.

"These numbers prove that the protests were not peaceful. The protests were not of the citizens. The protests belong to the fascist militia", it says, among other things.

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